Friday, May 2, 2008

In my youth I have received a lot of emotional lashes. This week has thus by far been contaminated with my past . I've gotten mixed up in alot of uneccessary drama lately. I feel like I'm in an episode of "Gossip Girl"( which if i may add, is trully amazing). God bless you Cecily Von Ziegesar. I read the first two books in high school ( which was last year). I can't believe its going to a be a full year since I graduated EPHS.

(Lets out an over emotional roar of pain)


I got my car back! but some brute or something fucked around with my AUX input , so now I can't connect my iPOD and thus jam out to Hindi music in the morning when I'm going to class.
I'm filled with stife. It really doesn't affect me so, the car is still new and under warranty so they are going to replace it free of charge! Much to the arguement that my life is under alot of distress lately, nights have been pretty quiescence. Involves mostly hanging out with my significant other, and being vagary, spontaneous amongst other recreational forms.

School is almost out!
::does much needed hand gesture::

and I going to finally attend the meditation classes that I need. I'm too antsy, I run/drive around so aimelessly.
So... wednsday, I am going to go to the Buddhist recreational center on montana sit beside, the first person who will be my mentor, my friend rachel.( I am taking my other half with me)
I think we both need it... then maybe afterwards we can do it on our own and I can teach him the balancing of the 7 Chakras.

(Las Chakras points)


I'm such a fucking new-age hippie.
Fun Fact: I Had dreadlocks for two years, hahaha

anyways I've been listening to a lot of Black keys lately, I want to see them in Lolapalooza this year. The line -up is pheomenal! It would surely make up for last year's dissaster. I got my identy stolen when I went to Chicago last August. While I was merrily enjoying my portabella mushroom burger, I received a dreadful phone call, informing me that some asswipe jacked some of my money in El Paso.

Hence the fact that I had to close my account and couldn't attend Lollapolooza, WHERE I could have seen Iggy Pop....but I don't know, I want to go to the pitchfork festival and Reuben does too.
I'll probably wet myself...

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