Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happiness is only real when shared

"Happiness is only real when shared"
-Christopher McCandless

How much sense do these simple 6 words mean? The realization that humans are only capable of being content when in the company of loved ones. Its highly believeable. I used to have the irrational belief that happiness comes with the self-sufficient ego an intellegent person perceives(e.g. pride/vanity).
But I think we all need at least an ounce of love to fill our thoughts.

The story of 23-year old Christopher McCandless is an epic story of a young man with the advantage of a good life and success. He renounces all luxury and insists on living by his own means, giving up on going to Harvard in order to execute his dream of exploring the icy Alaskan wilderness. Hence the title, "Into the wild". This story by Jon Krakauer has be depicted into film, which was inspired by a true story. Its stars Emile Hirsch who plays the wonderful role of our vagabond (Christopher McCandless). Over all it was an emotionally satisfying film; I have claimed it as one of my favorites for its spirit and touching imagery. I was trying to retain my tears from falling into my mango passionfruit tea, and making it bitter instead of tasteless and fragrant. What touched me the most is the extend of happiness of human relationships and the importance of forgiveness. I also think; I liked it so much partially... because in my own sub-conscious, I have a familiar drive to live in the wild, like a vagary native. Nude and painted in war palette while dancing for the gods in order for the sky to cry.


its such a child-like fantasy of mine

also Eddie Vedder does the soundtrack, which is also a masterpiece.

Emile Hirsch


well, I'm off to listen to the soundtrack, drink one last cup of tea, tend my sick Chhotti ma (mommy dearest), call my Boobears, and read one chapter of "Buddha" by Deepak Chopra. Its really wonderful; I love eastern philosophy

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