Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your voice rumbles in my brain
Like a train tracking on the rails
Your singing voice habituates my throat
running smoothly, slipping softly
taking its time to single out
what kind of words run through your mouth

what would it be like to know her..

If we were no longer strangers
her eyes would drown out
other men in my life
the sun would rise for the first time
swimming against her skin, with no one in between

my heart is in a knot
and it cannot be stopped.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mentally crippling

I'm in a boat metaphorically
the devil sails behind me
I trusted him once...
twice, maybe four times
He licked my palms and stroked my thighs
I poked his eyes and gnawed his horns
I guess some hope of love was somehow formed
we had musical ears
and my eyes were ripe and blown glass tears
hot and starched
white and parched
I soared in sand
be lowing at his strangest glance
I'm not a royal queen, I'm in between

gamble gamble seared auspicious dance

forever in limbo your lady, sweet baby
Queen of chance