Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sworn to solemn

I'm being depleted in circus senses of feeling
Learn to hold on tight to the skin on your back
before your hands meet mine
Complications arise to act upon our silent circumstance
What can I say? I shone true teeth
This youth tattoo of our modern limbs
is temporary paint that can last per say, three decades
Oh this musical ear, and this fear.
I crave the iris twins that live in water
and the milky sand of your lily white hands
Future stages of sin in this well-staged script
I cross my legs and pray, I cross my legs and pray
Mein Kraft, Upstage my bitter monologue,
swell the conservative audience to an encore
Claim this trophy wise, of lips and thighs
Swallow the seconds slowly
like a wind, a foreign steal
I sing warm whispers to keyholes,saints, and lover's ears.

dream to dream,let me earn a cast iron ring.

Friday, October 2, 2009

glass past

My musical soul is trapped in another decade.