Friday, April 25, 2008

People are crazy
True statement down to the very core.
I wish I could round up the people who complicate my life,
as if they were cattle.
Then send them to slaughther houses and have them gutted.

oh I am smiling at the thought... very much so.

anyways..... Tremendous plans for this summer!

I love this video by "The Avalanches"
You can hear Jon Voight's voice saying " what does mean" and "I'm going to kill you"
Every time I think Jon Voight; I think...

midnight cowboy
"Midnight Cowboy"

a little twarted psycho-schematic movie about a male prostitute.
He spawned our beautiful Angelina Jolie,
such a pretty thing from such an ugly male frame.

well I'm off to shower and read a chapter of "Buddha" by Deepak Chopra

oh oh and last night I saw "1942: a love story"!
I cried; I really did.
80's Bollywood movies are the best!
My wedding song is in that movie, oh what the hey!

here it is

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