Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Una Noche: Part Deux

Our story was lost somewhere and we know that..
or much to the effect, I swell to know...
what now?
the tangent of dreams, the soft cool touch of skin
is there more to the taste of me, for men?
Wine stained lips swing and sway some...Memory
Through the daze gardens we dwell in muck
we touch the rain dew leaves, and squint
at the seaming glitter of the birthing sun
and we strip our heavy clothes off....

oh what season, what perfect reason and view for a fuck

Saturday, December 19, 2009


The pressures that soften the cage
soft wells of skin
they sink whilst you sleep
Shape of your structure
the skeletal ardor
corrects the idea of perfection
prefer the status of an idol...
to always love you

As prayers do plead
120 days I ask
a beautiful arch, an invitation
for the arms of the lost
illicit, forbidden

we have our reasons