Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There's not a single dry soul in this city who roams the way I do. At least 2,000 thoughts cross my mind each day and hide in the pockets of my brain. I'm going cold turkey. Lets see how my cells attack each other. Currently they are dancing to "Vitalic". I hear them swishing around to compose me a lovely headache. I think they want sleep. I probably should agree but I am addicted to music and But never the less, I am here because I miss my youthful rants about current events.


Last Wednesday I saw "Paper Heart". I didn't think Michael Cera was dreamy til then. I was the only girl in the audience. Actually I was the only one in the audience come to think about it, and by Jove it did not bother me. I enjoyed it, really. I saw it fit with my mood at the time. Which brings me up to speed; My moods and I are sort of detached at the time. They need time review the value of the people in my life. My ego provides some sort of "caste system", which leaves me numb and impermeable. School's great, I just could have hoped for more time of to dwell in my most current artistic measures. My boss is going to introduce me to one of her formal employees'. He is studying film, very shy, and according to her..he is pleasing to eye i.e. "Handsome". I think she's trying to play matchmaking. Which is hard in my case, because I tend to have a flavor of the week and I lose interest so quick, its short of disease. I guess it won't hurt to find somebody with a worthy common interest. This city lacks so thought and etiquette. Olympia is looking quite spiffy right about now.


I love Juergen Teller, and that is all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

mouth webs

Oh, what a life we lead. Since birth I've walked wet and blind searching for the very meaning of the need to breathe and breed. Next month I'm going to be aged 21 years.

"Signs for show, for skin to cling to bone"

I now get to mourn my youth for the rest of my anniversaries.
Though I cannot complain; I found a dear friend who plays that very muscle of bellows the brings me great warmth. We get to seranade the cats and the brittle moon that swells in the west. My dear afflicted young chef is coming back to me. I need her; she's caring and sweet, under mothering sign of Cancer.
There's one "HE" in between.
"Twarting the ropes of my thoughts and requests of touch
that keeps my fingers spidery".
I do hope for memories, there is few like me. I shall continue slothing with the months, who knows what outcome. There's a lantern in my workshop ready to face the
predicament, the prologue to circus ring of this dry island city. He's different, I wish to tend to him and his domestic needs with pleasure( Unreal I know). I love his nervous stature and movie laughs. I really hope you are aware of my desire to know who you are now, and how I can help you become who you want to be.
I am also a soft curious mammal with big dreams.
You make this city a little brighter for me.


Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm turning into a Balkan/Serbian music whore...and I love it!

and yes this just happens to be one of favorite movies of all time.
Glad to finally own it.