Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh what a Gem of a man was Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch!
The grand papa of sado-masochism! I recently did a paraphillic report for psychology.
It was quite entriging and stimutaling in all profound way possible, poking at the rural corners of the human brain and its thought broth.
-Born in January 27, 1836 and paseed away in March 9, 1895. Died in shameful and banal state. Venus in furs was his first novella to be publizied in the english language.


The term Masochism was depicted from "masoch". I read that Leopold acctually renounced his wealth and duties to be punished by his mistress (his secretary)
I might add, (no surprise there). Six months spent being whipped and humilated for his own sexual gratification. His own journey and spirit was put into Venus in furs.
"And you--you are cold--you hold me like a block of wood; wait, I'll
stir you with the fire of love," she said, and again clung fawningly
and caressingly to my lips.

"I no longer please you; I suppose I'll have to be cruel to you
again, evidently I have been too kind to you to-day. Do you know, you
little fool, what I shall do, I shall whip you for a while--"

Wanda tells Severin, as he is planning on leaving her.

Fun Fact:

music lovers, The Velvet underground created a song called "venus in furs"
(which I have on VINYL)

I'm off to my lover's lair!
Hark! he calls!

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