Sunday, September 20, 2009

mouth webs

Oh, what a life we lead. Since birth I've walked wet and blind searching for the very meaning of the need to breathe and breed. Next month I'm going to be aged 21 years.

"Signs for show, for skin to cling to bone"

I now get to mourn my youth for the rest of my anniversaries.
Though I cannot complain; I found a dear friend who plays that very muscle of bellows the brings me great warmth. We get to seranade the cats and the brittle moon that swells in the west. My dear afflicted young chef is coming back to me. I need her; she's caring and sweet, under mothering sign of Cancer.
There's one "HE" in between.
"Twarting the ropes of my thoughts and requests of touch
that keeps my fingers spidery".
I do hope for memories, there is few like me. I shall continue slothing with the months, who knows what outcome. There's a lantern in my workshop ready to face the
predicament, the prologue to circus ring of this dry island city. He's different, I wish to tend to him and his domestic needs with pleasure( Unreal I know). I love his nervous stature and movie laughs. I really hope you are aware of my desire to know who you are now, and how I can help you become who you want to be.
I am also a soft curious mammal with big dreams.
You make this city a little brighter for me.


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