Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Admiration: A look to the glass

As elegant as a vampire was Oscar Wilde.
The subject of omnivorous desire due to consume his tyrant heart
for harmony at much cost.
The pedantry was a very expensive one.
I take in consideration his sacrifice for unrequited selfish love.
It was not his fault.
Number 7's have a hard time finding love.
OSCAR WILDE Pictures, Images and Photos
October 16, 1854- November 30, 1900

Twas' not hard not to love Nico.
As epic was her voice as much as her looks.
She did a cameo in Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita".
It is said that after she briefly dated Jim Morrison,
she became inspired to write and sing music of her own.
Well, of course we all know the rest became history.

October 16, 1938 -July 18, 1988

What do we all have in common?

I happen to share their birthdate.

Queen of Chance

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