Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seems so odd to be blogging again. I feel like I've been spit out into life again. Thrown up onto the paws of wolves. What has happend to me over the last two weeks will remain stagnant in my fore brain. I feel permanently bruised and sliced off any innocence and ignorance. The little girl I once knew in me, came back to kick me in the head and before I realized it; I laid angrily in a hospital bed. I have been so despondent and relentless towards life lately. Strife has consumed every thought and organ. It has made my words sour and my mouth dry.

Yet in spite of this woe. I do not dare give up on myself. I will prevail now, as I have before. I have natural gifts and touch for writing beautiful words. I want to be a gift to the world, not a harsh burden like many I know.

Chicago was beautiful as it always is.
Nice escape from El Paso, but not a permanent fix.

I shall entitle detail later.

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